I just had to share some exciting news with you.  God really blessed my socks off this weekend which I was totally unprepared for and unexpectant!  By invitation only, I was allowed to experience a Tres Dias Women’s Weekend(http://www.seoultresdias.org/).  This Christian organization was started in Spain after WWII and I attended the 54th one held in Seoul.  It was an honor to be around women from all backgrounds and all denominations and to see God meet each individual right where they were at, including myself.  I have been hard at work with JKW(Junior Kindergarten Walters) and masters program so I have not had much down time or my favorite, travel time since Christmas break!  And speaking of travel time, my friends from the children’s home in the Philippines were able to experience this weekend with me.  I was able to reconnect with them and felt the Lord leading me to go shadow them at the home.  They are directors of the nursery and the school.  This trip will be made in September when I have a week off and hopefully I can digest how an orphanage and its school is operated.  The school was originally started for the home’s children but the whole community has so many street children that the government allowed them to offer school for these kids as well.  Of course,  all of this is funded by fundraising.  If you would like to donate, please let me know.
Please pray for –fruit to come forth and remain from my Tres Dias weekend, God’s plan to be revealed for my week in the Philippines and financial support for this trip.


Spring Has Arrived!

May 9, 2010

This winter has be 7 long months of the coldest I have ever experienced along with the most snow Seoul has had in 40 years!  There are only 5 more weeks of school for me this year and then I am headed back to the states for a little R and R at my parents.  I will also do some traveling stateside during this time.

One thing that God has been teaching me over the year is about emotional needs.  Living overseas brings all of your emotions to a new level.  Some emotions you did not even know you had are revealed and your weaknesses get magnified.  I hope to begin to understand this more and process this over the summer, like what they are, how they are defined and recognized and what to do to meet them.

In the mean time, I am busy with closing up the end of the year at school and beginning my final paper for grad school.  I will be working on this for the entire next year.  It is a huge consuming research project that requires lots of reading and a vision.   Also, I will be moving to a new apartment at the beginning of June.

I have finally found a church that I really like so that is an answer to prayer.  It is a great church committed to raising up people and sending them out.  To me, this is the heart of Matthew 26:18-20 and Acts 1:8.

I am in need of some things and prayer.  Please prayer for me and join in agreement if you feel led.

  • Strength and endurance to finish out the year at school and for my next move
  • God’s vision, His words and the right resources to come soon (for my research paper)
  • Understanding of emotional needs and how to meet them
  • A cell phone (preferably a smart phone to text with b/c I can only receive text on a phone at my parents due to limited cell service)
  • Safe travels

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.  May God bless you and fill you with more of His Spirit!




Step One

Step One

This past month has been quite interesting as I have been packing my classroom materials and sorting through needed winter stuff that I think I might need in Korea.  I have been tossing the idea of shipping my clothes and mattress over or just being wild and adventurous and winging it when I leave for Seoul in August.  I have decided to ship my stuff  for several reasons.  The main one being I am not Asian and don’t have a typical Asian body frame and because I don’t want to necessarily start completely over when I don’t have to!  As you can see my belongings are somewhat organized, so that brings me to my prayer requests!

  • Complete organization of personal and teaching goods ready to be shipped asap
  • All paper work finalized and completed asap!
  • Perfectly prioritized plan of opportunities God opens up for me this summer!
  • Good steward time and financial management
  • Parents health as my mom recoups from her back surgery and my dad’s upcoming shoulder surgery in June
  • Transition to next level of teaching and missions on International level
  • Lifetime prayer partners and financial partners

Thanks so much for your prayers and your time!  Please update me on what’s happening with you so I can pray for you as well!

Always experience more of Him! Love you!!

PS..Please celebrate with me as the war in Sri Lanka has been declared over Finally!  Pray God will open the door for the Map 1040 vision of the orphanage, widow’s home, international school to come forth.  Pray for the finances to come in!!