Experiencing the World!

January 9, 2009


Is all I can say!

 In two days, I feel like I have traveled every climate and country in the world and its largest city all under one roof.  I was overwhelmed and amazed all at the same time. I met a variety of people who were all willing to help a newbie on its way to the next level of education internationally.

Little did I know that the one country I wanted to see and was supposed to be at this job fair did not show up, and…..this was the #1 job fair of the year, therefore very competitive.  I interviewed with 8 different schools in 6 different countries and still waiting to see what door God opens!  Even though I have many years of experience teaching, I have no international school experience and being single does not help.  These schools look for internationally experienced team teachers to help with housing costs and security of lasting commitments.  Interviewing with so many schools really made me think about where I wanted to live and how I would like the climate.  At first, NO way was I going to live in the snow but then I thought why not and how do I know that I don’t like it.  I definitely have only experienced snow for about 2 weeks at one time so I don’t really know if I would like it or not.  From this, I decided I should leave all options open and walk with a open mind and grasp new adventures and live life to the FULLEST.  Plus the fact that each contract is for two years only so I thought I could live anywhere with that.  So what is my plan B?  I don’t really know and I am trusting the Lord that He has a plan for me.  I also know that God knows what is best for me and He will never put me in a place that would not be beneficial for me or His plan.  So I don’t have a job overseas yet but I believe I will have one soon. Not sure when or where but in the mean time,  I’m going to live life to the FULLEST where ever I am.  


I am excited about Saturday because it will be my 1st birthday celebrated in the nations!!  Whoo. hoo..However, I am a little sad because it is also my mom’s 70th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA-I LOVE YOU!)

I return to the states on Sunday and work on Monday.  Also, I realized this week that I have an amazing school and class where I teach currently and I really miss my babies a lot.

Please pray for continuing safe travels and favor of the Lord.  

Especially pray for an easy transition back to work and my class on Monday and for my kids to transition easily back to me!  Thanks for all your prayers and support.. Love ya..



January 5, 2009

Bangkok BabyPERFECT TIMING FOR LANDING, LUGGAGE CART AND RETREIVAL OF LUGGAGE…However, not perfect time for airport pickup..  There was no one there to pick me up from the airport!?!?.  All times were set with expected arrival but no one was there.  I kinda had a suspicion this was going to happen being that I had heard from Facebook(thank you Lord for the heads up) that my friend Jaimee was seen at  New Years Eve Party when in the back of my mind I thought she was supposed to be on an airplane headed to Asia.  Well, I did what I knew to do, exchange money and get a cab to where she lives, praying her roommate would be home.  No such luck.  So I wait in the lobby trying not to get bit by mosquitoes(which I did) all the while enjoying the cool tropical air.  The next taxi driving in was Jaimee.  She misconnected her plane and thought I was arriving later than her.  Praise the Lord we were only an hour apart from each other and even in the same airports.  Another testimony that I can trust my Daddy in Heaven and He always provides and nurtures me…

Another funny thing was we couldn’t figure out what day it was…We thought it was Friday but it was Saturday and so we prepared for Children’s Church and had a fun time on Sunday seeing the kids and old friends.  Now I am preparing a portfolio and resume to go to International Job Fair tomorrow.  There are going to be lots of schools there all over the world with “cream of the crop” teachers.  Please pray for wisdom and guidance as I step into a new level of education and ministry.  Also, as I step into a new part of the world completely.  I am trusting God that this is His perfect plan for me and if it is not, I want out immediately.   Let me know how you are as well..Love and Kisses from Thailand!!

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