Front Lines…..

February 8, 2011

War Memorial Museum

Me Under USA Military Leading the Way

Here in Korea, we just had a few days off because of Chinese New Year.  This holiday is celebrated throughout Asia with some Buddhist influence.  I chose not to travel but took the advantage of doing the city tour which brought me to the War Memorial and flashbacks of MASH.  This is the second war memorial that I have been able to visit since first beginning to travel to Asia since 2005 and the atmosphere still brings out the in bred patriotism in me thanks to my parents and their legacy.  That being, my dad who is an Army vet and my mom, an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Not only, did the random visitation museum visitation occur, but I also had recently begun watching the Band of Brother Series(Amazing by the way) and was so distraught during the Battle of the Bulge, I had to take mini breaks.   Lastly, another coincidence (I think not) occurred, during this holiday, was by me pulling out an unmarked dvd to watch and not knowing what it was, Pearl Harbour appeared before my eyes.  I began to question the Lord, what are you trying to tell me about all of this.  I am still trying to listen and make sure I have correct understanding.  So far,  I have learned that even when strategies are planned and missions activated, causalities occur, meaning death and pain.  You can stay on guard as much as you want but unless you stay focused on Him and resting in the secret place, you may or may not survive.  And even though, you feel alone, you aren’t and trusting this can in itself be a battle line.  Stay low and yet still love.   I definitely need help with this part.  Any other wisdom on this account will be gladly appreciated and accepted.    However, my future remains unknown, just like the soliders on the front line.  You never know when your time is up but none of it matters as long as you are doing it All for His GLORY as one of my pastors uses for his motto(Love you Darren Davis, Harbour Church, Pompano Beach, FL).

But in the midst of all this, the weather temp. is know above freezing level which does excite me.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support…Until next time….

The Korean Ship That was Bombed April 2010

Korean War Vehicle


Awestruck Beauty!

May 9, 2010

I just had to share these.  They were taken in April and it was still very cold!

Spring Has Arrived!

May 9, 2010

This winter has be 7 long months of the coldest I have ever experienced along with the most snow Seoul has had in 40 years!  There are only 5 more weeks of school for me this year and then I am headed back to the states for a little R and R at my parents.  I will also do some traveling stateside during this time.

One thing that God has been teaching me over the year is about emotional needs.  Living overseas brings all of your emotions to a new level.  Some emotions you did not even know you had are revealed and your weaknesses get magnified.  I hope to begin to understand this more and process this over the summer, like what they are, how they are defined and recognized and what to do to meet them.

In the mean time, I am busy with closing up the end of the year at school and beginning my final paper for grad school.  I will be working on this for the entire next year.  It is a huge consuming research project that requires lots of reading and a vision.   Also, I will be moving to a new apartment at the beginning of June.

I have finally found a church that I really like so that is an answer to prayer.  It is a great church committed to raising up people and sending them out.  To me, this is the heart of Matthew 26:18-20 and Acts 1:8.

I am in need of some things and prayer.  Please prayer for me and join in agreement if you feel led.

  • Strength and endurance to finish out the year at school and for my next move
  • God’s vision, His words and the right resources to come soon (for my research paper)
  • Understanding of emotional needs and how to meet them
  • A cell phone (preferably a smart phone to text with b/c I can only receive text on a phone at my parents due to limited cell service)
  • Safe travels

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.  May God bless you and fill you with more of His Spirit!

DSC01935One bright side of this past month was my sister visiting.   She was here with friends for a week and we got to see much of Seoul.  I had been saving up the sightseeing for when she came and  we did a lot.  However, I did have to work and had to take in some much needed rest since I have been having a chest cold for the last 3 weeks.  I have been to the doctor three times since she left and if I am not better in the next 3 days, he wants to test me for asthma. Which I am totally believing that I do not have!!   Those of you who have known me for a while, know that I have battled with allergies and sinus issues all of my life.  For the last four years, I have been asking and believing for God to heal me from this.  Please stand with me as I claim my healing and will be able to be allergy free.  Also,  with work and master’s classes, I don’t have time for sickness and you know the enemy always likes to get you in your weakest area.  So please pray for the strength to fight and for the enemy’s plans to be revealed.  Coming up for the next month is  two weekend graduate classes that are about a 2 hour commute away and Thanksgiving in Bangkok with my good friend from Florida, Jaimee Silva.   Some of you might remember hearing about her from some previous newsletters and updates.  I went to Bangkok two summers ago to assist her in training teachers for her Children’s Church that she is a pastor for.   It will be good to get away and be around someone familiar for Thanksgiving.  After that, 3 weeks to prepare for Christmas and my trip home.  I will be going home for the holidays to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.   Also,  today was very exciting because the cold weather has finally come.  So far so good,  I am loving the cold weather and living the city life.  If you have a Facebook account, please look me up.  I have plenty of pics that I share and post there.  Thanks for your prayers and emailing me.  It is so encouraging and helpful.  A little bit of home always makes me smile.Me and Lisa


Harvest International Ministries Conference

October is starting with complete business already.  I have experienced my first Korean Chusok which is like the Amerian Thanksgiving.  The city of Seoul was almost like a ghost land because all the people leave the city to go stay with relatives in the countryside.  I took advantage of this and drove to the store a couple of times! Also, it is so neat when I get to go to a Korean non denominational worship service.  The band is always rocking and everyone in the building is engaged worshiping the Lord, like a live concert.  Everyone young, old and in between are clapping, singing or praying as hard as they can and not caring who is around at all.  What a statement these people make when they worship.  Another interesting thing for me to go to these churches is that they are usually in basement floors.  This service took place in the 4th Basement floor and it had no windows.   It is hard for me to grasp this concept, especially for me being a southern girl who grew up on a farm but it is still interesting and awesome to experience to say the least.   These people are also praying for a miracle and we know that only God can do this miracle and that is for the wall to come down.  Prayers are bombarding heaven for the unity of the church and denominations in Seoul and South Korea and they are believing when this happens, that the north and the south will be united.   On a personal note,  please pray for me to be a good steward of my time as I am taking Korean language and master’s courses.  I am still praying if I can juggle it all.   Thanks for all of your prayers!!