Second Chances

June 8, 2009


Me and my sister

Me and my sister

The last time I spent the night with my sister, she was a mess and a complete wreck due to some bad choices she made in her life.  I swore I was through with her and could care less if I ever talked to her again.  But God is forever faithful and He brought to my attention that He gives second chances.  Just like He gave Jonah a second chance when he cried out in his distress from the belly of the whale, we need to give second chances to.  Where I had lost all hope for my sister, God hadn’t  and He got her out of the belly of the whale.  It has been 10 years since I spent the night with my sister and  I decided to give her a second chance and try one more time.  We watched a movie and she made me coffee in the morning.  What a glorious time we had.  I am so thankful for renewed hope and second chances.  I want to encourage you to revisit any relationships in your life that need a second or better yet a third or fourth chance.  One thing I have learned from this is there is always hope with Jesus!  —-Jonah 2:1-3:1 

Always hugs and kisses and all you need is love!!


Surprise! Surprise!

May 22, 2009



American School Bus

American School Bus

God totally took me by surprise today.  I counted up and I just finished a school year at my 7th school. I know, crazy for someone to have changed schools so many times right.  I have never heard of a teacher like me before and I wonder what in the world I am doing or supposed to be doing rather. LOL.  Anyway,  I did not know it but this school’s tradition on the last day was for all the teachers to stand outside and wave bye to all the kids on the buses.  I have never done this before so it was a new thing:)  During this excitement, I not only realized that I was waving bye to the best class that I had ever taught but also to American public schools.  I am not saying this in a derogatory way or that I will never teach in them again but it was a sweet, bitter, somewhat patriotic thing.  To me, it was heart moving that I was able to see sooo many kids of the same ages all leave school on the bus together and it was sooo cool to see a faculty united together in cheering them on but also to see that this maybe my first and last time to see all Americans kids riding on the big yellow bus from school.  I felt honored and special to have been able to experience that moment.  For me, it maybe a once in a lifetime ! 

Restoring Relationships

March 8, 2009


Good Times

Good Times -There have been many ups and downs since the last time I blogged. From my cell dropping in the toilet and my dad having surgery on his bruised spinal cord to my neice'sbridal showers and my dad's 71st birthday. It had been 6 months since my mom had extensive back surgery and we find out that my dad needed to have neck surgery. He was barely able to walk all due to a bruised spinal cord. The doctor put in a titanium plate and a cadaver bone to help solve some of this problem and we are praying for a completely healthy spinal cord. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since his surgery and he can now drive-Thank You Jesus! I have 2 sisters and one brother, Luke. He's the only onemarried and has four children with the oldest getting married this month. Since I have moved back home, the family has had many opportunities to come together outside of holidays. This doesn't happen to much for us since we are so spread out. It has been so sweet to reconnect and develop relationships with my siblings that I really never had. All because of many reasons, one being that I am so much younger than the older three and choices that we made. I really believe God appointed this time in my life to restore relationships within my family. I am so happy He did because it is such a blessing to have my parents and siblings so close. I just think of the people who don't have their parents, the orphans and those who have lost siblings. So I am thanking God for this special time I have with my family and the memories that have been made. I pray God restores any broken relationships you have in your life as well. He is the God of Restoration. Love you much!