Hi All,


Check out my book, Waiting on Daddy, that I wrote.


It’s on a first grade reading level…It is the tale of a little girl and her daddy in the Mississippi Delta during the plantation system days. I wrote it in honor of one of my advisors at University of Southern Mississippi.


I am taking prepaid orders for an Autographed paper back copy:

$10.00 + &2.00 for s&h….

If there is anyone else in your community that you can think of that would like one, pass the word!  You can email me or find me on facebook at tish1w@gmail.com to find out the details…

OR…order an ebook version on Amazon.com:


Waiting On Daddy    www.amazon.com


The books would be great Christmas presents for your little blooming readers.


Thanks for your support!


Tish Walters