My First Children’s Book Published

August 18, 2013

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share my newest adventure with you.  If you didn’t know, currently I am beginning my second year as a full time PhD student at the University of Southern Mississippi.  One of requirements for a class was to write a children’s book and it just happened to be a life long dream of mine.  My advisor and I have become very close professionally and personally and it is her childhood story of the Mississippi Delta that inspired me.  My love for Mississippi began about 4 years ago when I lived in Korea and now I’m getting to embrace its realness. This particular children’s book is geared toward emerging readers/ I chose to publish with an option of 5 hard copies and an ebook on amazon.  I’d like to have it sold in the book stores one day and I have another Mississippi book in the making.  
eBook cost is $2.99 but only for a week.  Get your copy now.  Next week, it will go up to $5.99.
And of course, Please give a review and share with link with your friends.
I hope you enjoy and thanks for your support.
The link is below-



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