3 Months In a Nut Shell

December 5, 2011

I can’t believe I have not written about the last three months of my life here in Korea.  I know of two words that can describe it….SUPER BUSY…..I’ll start from September and finish in December.

Fall begins with a blessing of getting to see American Football on the Military Base

It was great to be in the atmosphere and hear the live whistles blow on the field.

Fall Leaves at Yonsei University, my back door...

Korea Week!


Kukje Art Gallery Field Trip

Lisa, my sister, came for her birthday!!


Thanksgiving Feast!


Teacher Fun at my school's Christmas party...Guess who knew the American Chef:)

These pics are just a few of the highlights that I’ve been having for the Fall Season.  I also experienced a Korean Folk Village, Seoul Tower, Thanksgiving in Daegu with my Tres Dias and base friends(along with that was good ol’ collard greens and turkey, only available at the base) and VIP guest at a K POP concert(the bass player found my wallet and returned it, so of course, I had to squeeze in another request!).

Now, the count down is on for my arrival stateside for the Christmas holidays to check on my family.  Recently, my sister has been really sick and my mom is recuperating from her 2nd back surgery in two months.  That being said, along with God’s direction, my decision has been made to return back to the states permanently after this school year is completed.  I truly believe the order God calls us to is Him-1st, Family-2nd and Job-3rd.   So…I am going home to my family to comfort my parents in the later years, the best I can.  Plans are also being made for future graduate school to go along in the mix….Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!