First Stop, The Famous Great Wall which was built to keep out all invaders…

The Ming Tombs-Don’t cross through this thresh hold or your soul will go to stay with the Emperor’s!….Seriously…hmmm….and I really can’t walk through this?? An insult to the culture, it would be for sure!

On to, Tienanmen Unreal Place.  A picture still exists for the beloved Chairman Mao who proclaimed the  People’s Republic of China in 1949.  You have to see it to believe it the solemness still there.  And who has heard of the 1989 Student Rioting that turned into Massacre? Remember the Picture of the Tank Man? Anyone?  Well, the commoners of China haven’t…Facebook?  Google? and only Government TV still… Really there is another world out there that only tourists know of!  Hard to Imagine for me!

The Forbidden City…Really, really a huge place…

Can’t believe it was hidden for so long..Seems it was constantly under construction from fires from winds and sacrificial cisterns and Eunuchs.  The fires came randomly mainly to keep work for the Eunuchs and workers to live there and you should have seen the loads of concubine rooms!

And now, The Temple of Heaven-

Yup, I am standing on the Royal Stairs and inside the temple, there are 12 stone cows set up for the sacrifice rituals.  Yikes, good thing for me anyways, there hasn’t been an Emperor since 1911, which marks the 100th Anniversary.  Interesting enough,

the anniversary for the 90th year of Communism was also celebrated in 2011.  In, 1921, the Communist Party was founded in Shanghai.

All in all, the rich culture of China is long lasting and slowly changing.  The oppression and the SMOG are still very thick.  God is way bigger than this and does protect His Chosen ones.  Ps. 10:17 -O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted.  You will strengthen their heart and you will incline your ear to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed so that the man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.

Rereading this makes me think:  hmmm…This very verse might have parallels to my own nation.  God, your mercy is unfailing and unending.  Have mercy on us all…

On another note, I was totally impressed the artistic roof tops and tiles….

                            Can you see the Great Wall at the top?

Summer Palace

and some Panda’s for the Kung Fu Westerners!  I couldn’t help but try a little Kung Fu!

How random, there was a wedding in our restaurant and I didn’t offend anyone by crashing it!  Red means happiness so all brides wear red!

I unexpectedly got to hang out with some special friends from the USA!

  We found some snack foods! Packaged Chicken Feet and

Sausgae Lollipops…… Did I or Didn’t I? Na…Heard they were quite tasty though.

Then we had old men bicycling us around in rick shaws.  We were hoping he was going to make it!

My twin and flat mate riding in the Rickshaws in the Hutuongs!

And we did eat some amazing authentic Chinese food and western food!

                                 Peking Duck in Beijing!  The best!

And as usual, this trip was with wonderful people and being teachers, we ran to the School House to eat lunch!  Thanks to my good friend Candace from So. Fla and Seoul for hooking me up with sweetness in China!  A great trip had by all!