School in Full Swing!

September 10, 2011

My Sweet Mama eating her favorite…Hot Dog from Sams!

I can’t believe we have finished 18 days of school with kids…It seems just like yesterday I was stepping off a Korean Airlines plane and onto Korea soil.  Before I left Mississippi, my mom decides to schedule all of her doctors appointments when I am there so I can take her!  I was happy to do it especially because I see it as an opportunity to make memories with her.  Since then, she has had many tests run on her back and now has her third back surgery scheduled for next Thursday.  It seems with all the osteo stuff and degenerative disk disease, two more of her vertebrates are shot.  Her words verbatim and there is only a 50/50 chance of pain reduction.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers during this time especially since my next visit home isn’t until Christmas.  Also, my contract renewal at school is up and I’m pretty sure where God is leading me but I plan to post at a later date…Korean Thanksgiving is here upon us and I am traveling to China maybe even get to see some friends who are visiting there Florida.  Below are pics of me and my kids at school.  Hope you enjoy!! Hugs and Kisses

Seoul sunset from my apartment building roof have to catch it while the sky is clear!

Center Time in my class-it was blue day!

Practicing our poem and Green Day

Yellow Day and Center Time Outside our class

These girls love to take pictures!

More Blue Day and Center Time

King Fu Panda Noodles...China here I Come

Pre China Trip Planning at my house!

Kimchi Che Gae

Sunset in Seoul from my rooftop