I love Freedom!

August 3, 2011

Freedom Reigns in the Place First summer stop-SWEET HOME SOUTH FLORIDA!!

I got this term because Sweet Home Alabama is my favorite movie because it reminds me of my home culture with lots of comfort.  I even saw a Sweet Home Alabama license plate in Louisiana which made me smile.

Then I touched down in Ft. Lauderdale and I just breathed in some of my favorite air in the world.  It was great to reconnect and experience homeland freedom and spiritual freedom with my beloved Harbour Church family, my sister, Lisa and Ocean Boulevard family, my Key West family and one of my new expat Seoul families and Louisiana families.   With each “family”, God reminded me of some the most precious and freeing times in my life in the sunny state that I love so dearly.  These times were all because God loves me so much that He allowed many Jesus love encounters of rainbows, beach treasures, prayers and dreams and visions.  The purest love I have ever experienced that I can’t explain it. I even got to experience my 1st South Florida Fourth of July Parade and I had lived there for 5 years!  Crazy right.  It was a sweet time for sure! South Florida, I will love thee forever and my friends there..xoxoxo

                                                             I HEART THE KEYS!

                                                                 SoFl Iguana

Ft. Lauderdale Beach and Port Everglades                                                  Ft. Lauderale Beach and Port Everglades

Sister Time at the Beach!                                                                        Sister Time!


Mighty Mississippi River in Louisiana                                                         Mighty Mississippi River in Louisiana

There is nothing like leaving an a/c building and walking out into the stifling hot, take your breath away, I can hardly breath humidity of south Louisiana…I love it!  First things first, stopping at Sonic and getting a Route 44 cup full of crushed ice…yummy!

Then home to Mississippi to hang out with my parents and their fun dog Sam!  It is great quality time where I call it the place to detox from the world because of limited internet service and cell service.  And of course, good food, clean air and quiet times!

                   In Mississippi, the rooftop of the barn and the newest addition…Crepe Myrtles

                                             Mississippi State Flower….The Magnolia

The Mighty Mississippi River in Natchez, Ms.. Can you believe some areas reached 20 miles wide during the flood this past spring…wow…

                                                 And….my parent’s funny dog Sam

Also, I know that time with my parents is short in many ways.  One because I have to go back to work and two because they are a little elderly and are starting to have some physical troubles like back problems and not being able to walk much.  More so my mom than my dad.  He does pretty good and still drives the tractor and doing farm work a lot…Needless to say, there are many things I am pondering about concerning their future and mine.  Please pray for strength for them to endure the pain and finish the race!  As well as my decision for my next assignment from God!!  I am looking forward to my new school year, which I leave Thursday to go back to Korea. I am also excited to see what God has up His sleeve for me.  I am hoping for some witty adventures!!  Until next time…..