February 28, 2011



This past week, I experienced a real eye opener.  After seeking God’s will for my life for the last six years, I have always prayed for the “nations” unspecifically with my eyes focused on south Asia including, India and Sri Lanka.  But God is putting another burden on my heart.  I was blessed to hear two speakers from the of  North Korean Refugee Alliance here in Seoul and an actual North Korean Refugee who is now a South Korean citizen.  I couldn’t believe what I heard.  Public executions and starvation were the main results of deaths.  The pictures of starvation reminded me of the Jews found in the prison camps at the end of WWII.

There is one certain area along the Duwan River that if refugees can make it across,  they will still only have a small percentage to survive.  Many are sent back and placed in prison camps.  The one South Korean/North Korean survivor had a greater chance to live because he had relatives in China he knew so this paved the way only a smaller chance of escaping.  But God’s will arose to the occasion and he made it.   I had even met the refugee last year but still had no idea of the consequences he could face if he was caught.

After hearing the stories and seeing pictures, the actuality of the realness is some what still settling in my spirit.   Today, I was reminded of this talk on North Korean and the 20,ooo refugees that live in South Korea, as I was reading my daily article from Elijah List.  If you don’t get these encouraging notes of Godly revelation, I highly recommend signing up.  The following was written by Sean Feucht.  Here’s what he wrote about his recent visit to NK:

“We  stepped onto the soil of the darkest, hardest, most oppressive and impossible nation on the earth.”—I was like….whoa..yea it really is after what I have heard!

“When you are going into the nation listed as #1 on the Voice of the Martyrs for Christian persecution over the last several decades – intense preparation, prayer and fasting is non-negotiable. This was not a quaint missions outing to be taken lightly. There are no guarantees of safety, security or even diplomacy in a nation like this.”  —-Again, I would completely agree with this statement!

After reading this, a deeper understanding of how close I live to this boundary line hit me!  And, the fact that my school has a month long fundraiser for a TB Hospital in NK…I am proud to represent and be apart of.  I am very thankful for this time in my life!!

Please pray for the deliverance of NK from communism and the safety of our Christian brothers and sisters living in NK and those who are refugees.  The road is long and dangerous from China to Thailand to South Korea…


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