Front Lines…..

February 8, 2011

War Memorial Museum

Me Under USA Military Leading the Way

Here in Korea, we just had a few days off because of Chinese New Year.  This holiday is celebrated throughout Asia with some Buddhist influence.  I chose not to travel but took the advantage of doing the city tour which brought me to the War Memorial and flashbacks of MASH.  This is the second war memorial that I have been able to visit since first beginning to travel to Asia since 2005 and the atmosphere still brings out the in bred patriotism in me thanks to my parents and their legacy.  That being, my dad who is an Army vet and my mom, an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Not only, did the random visitation museum visitation occur, but I also had recently begun watching the Band of Brother Series(Amazing by the way) and was so distraught during the Battle of the Bulge, I had to take mini breaks.   Lastly, another coincidence (I think not) occurred, during this holiday, was by me pulling out an unmarked dvd to watch and not knowing what it was, Pearl Harbour appeared before my eyes.  I began to question the Lord, what are you trying to tell me about all of this.  I am still trying to listen and make sure I have correct understanding.  So far,  I have learned that even when strategies are planned and missions activated, causalities occur, meaning death and pain.  You can stay on guard as much as you want but unless you stay focused on Him and resting in the secret place, you may or may not survive.  And even though, you feel alone, you aren’t and trusting this can in itself be a battle line.  Stay low and yet still love.   I definitely need help with this part.  Any other wisdom on this account will be gladly appreciated and accepted.    However, my future remains unknown, just like the soliders on the front line.  You never know when your time is up but none of it matters as long as you are doing it All for His GLORY as one of my pastors uses for his motto(Love you Darren Davis, Harbour Church, Pompano Beach, FL).

But in the midst of all this, the weather temp. is know above freezing level which does excite me.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support…Until next time….

The Korean Ship That was Bombed April 2010

Korean War Vehicle


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