One Month Down!

August 30, 2010

I can’t believe one month has passed already since my summer holiday and three weeks of school is over!  My kids are so cute and precious.  I am already praying for God to move in power in their lives and for them to be in heaven with me!  Please join me in agreement for my babies this year.  I always start my class off letting them know that I am not yet a mother and they are my babies to take care of at school.  I am their mommy at school and I love them is what I tell them!  Personally, masters classes have started in full swing so homework is taking up a lot of my time again.  Physically, I sprained my ankle on a walk one morning before school, then a week later, a taxi driver got in my way while I was driving my scooter.  I got a deep cut in both knees and a nice ER bill!  Great Korean adventures are taking place in my life!!  In 3 weeks, Korean Thanksgiving will happen and I will be off to the orphanage in the Philippines for a week.  Here I will shadow the orphanage’s school director and see what her life is like.  She has been doing this for 5 years and this lifestyle is not easy seeing poverty day in and day out.  This trip will cost me about $1200. Please pray with me on a few things:

-safety, protection, and favor for my health and my travels

-wisdom and discernment in upcoming decisions and opportunities

-financial support to send me to the poor and orphaned

-that I may bring encouragement and edification to those serving

-teachable and favor with masters classes

Thanks for your prayers and be blessed!

Much Love from Seoul!


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