Summer of Letting Go……

August 1, 2010

This post has been a hard one to write especially since I had an entire overseas school year to process.  I was so happy to have a break and come back to quiet Mississippi to rest.  I was able to have  much needed drive time in the states ALONE and fun with friends and family. It was amazing and then…

I realized I had to let go and let God.  I do not like these words and do not know how to do it at all.  God started showing me that my parents are aging and I am trying to stop the process by hovering over them.  I had to come to grips that I have to let them go.

Also, God has had me on a journey of recognizing emotions and areas of my heart that I am still trying to control and hold on to instead of trusting Him and letting Him be the best protecting daddy He is.  I thought I had let ALL of the past and the emotions from the past go and out of my heart. He let circumstances reveal those areas I was still in control of and holding on to, like choosing things that are 2nd best for me instead of waiting for the best He has.  The key word  there is WAIT.  I have a hard time waiting for anything.  So as my summer closes and I arrive  back to Korea on Wednesday for Year 2, I need prayers.  Please pray for me in these areas:

1.  To learn how to let go of the past and the future and not take back anything that prohibits me in God’s plan for my life…

2.  To learn to have patience and wait on God to move for me to receive His gifts and His Fullness..

3.  Great Travels, Favor, Divine Discernment for my future….

Thanks to my sister, Lisa,  for taking these pics and to all of my supporters for your love and prayers.

Much Love..xoxoxo


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