My plane landed right after the city reopened from the largest snow fall since the very 1st recording in 1938!  The best part was that my bus got stuck at one of the stops and all the men had to get out and pushie,pushie.  I absolutely love living in this city and learning about this culture.  Well, I  love to learn about any culture but learning is what living is all about right!  I pray your holidays went splendid as mine did.  My niece has a 360 degree turn as she is eating solid foods and able to wheel herself outside for a sit in the sun!  My parents got what they wanted for their 50th anniversary,  a small family celebration in the country.  It was a lot of fun to see them so giddy after so long.  We enjoyed looking at their pictures and even my mom’s wedding dress.  For me,  God showed me He is still in control by taking care of my family back home without my help, and He is helping me to learn to love Mississippi a little more and more.  I had a great time with family and reconnecting with new and old friends.  For now, it is back to the grind of teaching and graduate classes.  I continue to ask for your prayers as I start this new semester and seek out summer plans!!  Enjoy the winter season!