Fun in the Philippines

December 13, 2009

I had so much fun in the Philippines.  I can’t wait to go back.  It was a sweet experience as I got to pray for many people including the little guy in the green shirt.  Only God can comfort him in the middle of the night when he is crying out because he is lonely and misses his mother.  We all have experienced loneliness but experiencing it without having a mother is a whole other story.  How do you comfort someone in that circumstance.  Only God knows so what could I do but pray.  I am believing God will encounter this young guy like never before and I ask you to join in believing with me.  I also got to go help feed some of the evacuees from the typhoons in September as well as a slum type area.  God opened my eyes to the poverty in the area as well as praying for specific ones.  This trip so encouraged me to know that I am at the right place because I learned that Korea is the top country in sending out missionaries.  So who knows what Gods plans are for me.  I do have some prayer requests:  Still pray for my niece Katie!  She is healing but the groanings are loud as the pain.  We all know that when we groan, God shows up so be violent in your prayers and let the groans come!  Also, this time next week, I will be in the mother land so pray for favor and safe travels as I cannot wait to get back to a little familiarity even if it is only for a little while—to celebrate our  Savior’s Birth, my parents 50th wedding anniversary and just family in general!  Christmas cards are going out so be on the look out and if I forgot you, I ask forgiveness and send me your address again!  Love you and  until next time…..