Breaking In and Breaking Out

November 24, 2009


Great news today!  I hear Katie opened her eyes when he dad walked in her room!! Also, the doctors gave a good report that her surgeries went well and the cat scans are looking ok.  We still don’t know the extent because of the swelling!  She’s still in critical condition but things are definitely looking up!  Thanks for your prayers and continue them because God is hearing them and doing miraculous things not because He can but because His children are talking to Him and He gets all the glory.  The prayers of the saints are sweet incense to Him!!

So God is breaking in on Katie and my family and I am breaking out to the Philippines to serve at Kids International Ministries in Manila.  It will be my first international thanksgiving and I hope to be a blessing by serving others! True religion is serving the widows and orphans and God has confirmed that I am to go on this trip!  Please continue to pray for me and for God to move on this trip and for Katie and my family!  Love, love, love you!


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