Breaking In and Breaking Out

November 24, 2009


Great news today!  I hear Katie opened her eyes when he dad walked in her room!! Also, the doctors gave a good report that her surgeries went well and the cat scans are looking ok.  We still don’t know the extent because of the swelling!  She’s still in critical condition but things are definitely looking up!  Thanks for your prayers and continue them because God is hearing them and doing miraculous things not because He can but because His children are talking to Him and He gets all the glory.  The prayers of the saints are sweet incense to Him!!

So God is breaking in on Katie and my family and I am breaking out to the Philippines to serve at Kids International Ministries in Manila.  It will be my first international thanksgiving and I hope to be a blessing by serving others! True religion is serving the widows and orphans and God has confirmed that I am to go on this trip!  Please continue to pray for me and for God to move on this trip and for Katie and my family!  Love, love, love you!


Urgent Prayers needed!!

November 18, 2009

Tuesday, I got a call saying my niece, Katie, was in a car accident and in critical condition.  Her brain is swollen and she has had a few strokes since then.  Her body is really broken up but God is bigger than this and He has already performed many miracles.  The first being that she is alive!!  Please pray for my family as they are in the midst of the battles of keeping good health physically and mentally to endure through the long recovery.  All of my updates have been on Facebook, please check for more frequent updates.  I can only think, I will be home in a month!!!  But until then, next Wednesday, I leave for the Philippines to go serve at Kids International Ministries in Manilla.  Here, I will get to help in an orphanage that is affiliated with my school.  I really am in awe how this trip just opened up for me.  This trip is costing approximately $600.  Please pray for finances and God to open up the heavens during this time.  Of course, you can donate by writing a my name in a note online at (all tax deductible)  You are a blessing to me!! Love you…

DSC01935One bright side of this past month was my sister visiting.   She was here with friends for a week and we got to see much of Seoul.  I had been saving up the sightseeing for when she came and  we did a lot.  However, I did have to work and had to take in some much needed rest since I have been having a chest cold for the last 3 weeks.  I have been to the doctor three times since she left and if I am not better in the next 3 days, he wants to test me for asthma. Which I am totally believing that I do not have!!   Those of you who have known me for a while, know that I have battled with allergies and sinus issues all of my life.  For the last four years, I have been asking and believing for God to heal me from this.  Please stand with me as I claim my healing and will be able to be allergy free.  Also,  with work and master’s classes, I don’t have time for sickness and you know the enemy always likes to get you in your weakest area.  So please pray for the strength to fight and for the enemy’s plans to be revealed.  Coming up for the next month is  two weekend graduate classes that are about a 2 hour commute away and Thanksgiving in Bangkok with my good friend from Florida, Jaimee Silva.   Some of you might remember hearing about her from some previous newsletters and updates.  I went to Bangkok two summers ago to assist her in training teachers for her Children’s Church that she is a pastor for.   It will be good to get away and be around someone familiar for Thanksgiving.  After that, 3 weeks to prepare for Christmas and my trip home.  I will be going home for the holidays to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.   Also,  today was very exciting because the cold weather has finally come.  So far so good,  I am loving the cold weather and living the city life.  If you have a Facebook account, please look me up.  I have plenty of pics that I share and post there.  Thanks for your prayers and emailing me.  It is so encouraging and helpful.  A little bit of home always makes me smile.Me and Lisa