Harvest International Ministries Conference

October is starting with complete business already.  I have experienced my first Korean Chusok which is like the Amerian Thanksgiving.  The city of Seoul was almost like a ghost land because all the people leave the city to go stay with relatives in the countryside.  I took advantage of this and drove to the store a couple of times! Also, it is so neat when I get to go to a Korean non denominational worship service.  The band is always rocking and everyone in the building is engaged worshiping the Lord, like a live concert.  Everyone young, old and in between are clapping, singing or praying as hard as they can and not caring who is around at all.  What a statement these people make when they worship.  Another interesting thing for me to go to these churches is that they are usually in basement floors.  This service took place in the 4th Basement floor and it had no windows.   It is hard for me to grasp this concept, especially for me being a southern girl who grew up on a farm but it is still interesting and awesome to experience to say the least.   These people are also praying for a miracle and we know that only God can do this miracle and that is for the wall to come down.  Prayers are bombarding heaven for the unity of the church and denominations in Seoul and South Korea and they are believing when this happens, that the north and the south will be united.   On a personal note,  please pray for me to be a good steward of my time as I am taking Korean language and master’s courses.  I am still praying if I can juggle it all.   Thanks for all of your prayers!!