Masses in the Beginning!

August 15, 2009

Running Full Speed Ahead

Running Full Speed Ahead

The masses of emotions going on inside my mind and body as well as masses of people moving around me in this city has been challenging and making it very hard for me to think of what to write this month.  I am trying to sort it all out and process it.  There are so many feelings of, oh my, I really live here and I love it to oh my, I am not going to comfortable familiar surroundings in a long time.  And then besides settling into a new apartment and city, I am settling into a new classroom and school.  I really didn’t think I would be so nervous and it hasn’t hit me until now when I have no one familiar around me.  Except Jesus that is.  I know I need Him but this time, it is in a totally different way and yet I feel so in and out of control all at the same time.  When I really need to not try to be in control at any of the time and let Him do all the work for me.

Did I also mention the masses of hills that are here and I have to walk up everyday..whew…good thing God has changed me to love exercise and to be healthy, which by the way for me is a process in the making.    Please pray for me to crave 100% healthiness in my life and for me to ease into all of  these masses with complete openness and a heart full of love to give!  To all my familiar friends and my new friends, I love you much and want to know you more!! So lets get in touch some how, some way!


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