Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff!

May 17, 2009




Step One

Step One

This past month has been quite interesting as I have been packing my classroom materials and sorting through needed winter stuff that I think I might need in Korea.  I have been tossing the idea of shipping my clothes and mattress over or just being wild and adventurous and winging it when I leave for Seoul in August.  I have decided to ship my stuff  for several reasons.  The main one being I am not Asian and don’t have a typical Asian body frame and because I don’t want to necessarily start completely over when I don’t have to!  As you can see my belongings are somewhat organized, so that brings me to my prayer requests!

  • Complete organization of personal and teaching goods ready to be shipped asap
  • All paper work finalized and completed asap!
  • Perfectly prioritized plan of opportunities God opens up for me this summer!
  • Good steward time and financial management
  • Parents health as my mom recoups from her back surgery and my dad’s upcoming shoulder surgery in June
  • Transition to next level of teaching and missions on International level
  • Lifetime prayer partners and financial partners

Thanks so much for your prayers and your time!  Please update me on what’s happening with you so I can pray for you as well!

Always experience more of Him! Love you!!

PS..Please celebrate with me as the war in Sri Lanka has been declared over Finally!  Pray God will open the door for the Map 1040 vision of the orphanage, widow’s home, international school to come forth.  Pray for the finances to come in!!


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