One Open Door is all That is Needed!

April 13, 2009


One Closes and Another One Opens

One Closes and Another One Opens

How do I begin with this blog? Hmm.. Sometimes, we pray for doors to close and others to open but I am learning to be way more specific in my prayers(Hopefully one day I will get it right). As I have been praying for God to open and close doors in my life, I didn’t realize that the door closing may not be the way we like it at all.  At my current job, the door has definitely closed as I was not invited back to teach next year.  However, God knew this was going to happen and He opened another door for me.  A door that I know that He is the only one could open.  I am walking through this door that is wide open to the global world.  In August, I will arrive on foreign soil in South Korea for the next two years.  I have accepted a position to teach at an international school. Many of you who know me, know that God called me to teach in the nations.  When, where and how were always the consuming questions that only He had the answers to and I have had to seek them out.  Please pray for me to get all things in my life in order as I get ready to move overseas.


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