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January 26, 2009


The Grand Prize

The Grand Prize

Nothing like going overseas and coming back to the country and having a weekend of rest.  One thing I can say about going to my parents house is that there is a freedom there to come and rest.  I am so glad that God has given me this special time to share with my parents.  If we honor our parents, we are guaranteed to live a long life.  I have moved back home to honor them by helping take care of them during this time.  No matter how long the time is, my main objective is to honor them.  I pray that God allows me to do this the best I can and not put my selfish desires above them.  Hope and pray the same for you!   This is one of my Dad’s trophy deers that he killed.  I may have even helped skin it.  He is having trouble lifting with lifting his right arm and neck issues and he needed help putting his favorite things back on the wall.  I am glad I was around to help.  Please pray for my parents as they  transition into that next stepping stone of life and into their 70’s.  My mother just made 70 as we celebrated our birthdays together on Jan. 10.  Please pray for me as I seek why God has me here in Louisiana and what I am supposed to be doing here.  Also, I am beginning to pray about what mission He has for me this summer coming up.  I have decided that if I do not get a job to teach overseas, I will stay close to my parents until a opportunity comes available.  Keep me in your prayers as I believe every step is a preparation for our destiny.  One day, I will be teaching overseas, not sure when or where but I know God called me to do it…….Love you much


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