Fort Desparate

Fort Desperate

Believe it or not, but this was the last Confederate stronghold(Port Hudson) on the Mississippi River and where my brother, sister-in-law and I walk when we get the chance.  Spiritually and symbolically, I am believing that from this time on, there will be no more strongholds in mine or my family’s life from keeping us from completing our destiny and having the fullness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe all the generational curses will be turned into blessings and double will be returned and restored from what the enemy tried to steal away because we are overcomers and victors in all situations!  Let’s agree together for all of our families for this proclamation!

             Here’s the latest that has occupied my time and energy-

August-After returning on a Friday from Thailand,  I immediately began creating a brand new Kindergarten classroom at the No. #1 school district for test scores in the state of Louisiana on the next Monday.  I was just beginning to catch up and getting ahead after working 14 hour days when…

September-Hurricane GUSTAV and Hurricane IKE, along with my mother having back surgery on 9/17.  This consisted of 8 screws and 3 rods.  She is recovering slowly.  Please pray for her strength to come back 100% as soon as possible because next she is looking at knee and hip replacement.  Also, I have been consumed praying daily and weekly learning the biblical foundations of Missions focused through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit during meetings with Map 1040.

Now-It is almost October and I feel like God is getting me to switch gears and focus on my self and the future he has for me.  Please pray for wisdom and guidance as I believe He is calling me to teach overseas.  Details are the questions I am now asking God to reveal!  Please also pray that I will have financial wisdom to plan and prepare for being debt free and having provision to make the move to Asia in 2009.

Of course, these are some of the major events that have been bubbling in my life.  I could go on with the minor things but they are just the mundane things in life that we all have to rejoice in.  I pray God to bless you and I thank Him for you daily.  Thanks for your prayers and support!  Love you much…..