I Did It!

July 31, 2008

The Whole "Khrew"

The Whole "Khrew"

I did it.  I prepared my lessons and taught my 1st official adult class on “Qualities of an Effective Teacher” to this whole group of teachers which are called “crew” in Thai.  I’m not to sure how “effective” I was but I received a few compliments and I know at least one person thought about what was said for a couple of days . I also taught 2 small group sessions with the preschool “crews” on Classroom Management and Creative Teaching.  All in all, I saw the Lord’s hand in it and He really gets all the Glory because it was everything He allowed me to learn!  ICA(International  Christian Assembly) was a great church for me to start out in especially since over 30 nations are represented at the church.  Can you imagine having so many nations in one place at one time…My mind was blown several times…Ha, not only at this church but in this city as a whole.  I don’t think there is not one country NOT represented here.  The whole time I have been here, I have had a partial song in my head, “Every tribe, every tongue, every nation, Hallelujah!”.  What a BIG God we have to have created sooooo many different people who all come under one umbrella, you might say!  Thanks, ICA Children’s Ministry for letting me serve you!


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