My Weakness!!

July 18, 2008

Thank God for Starbucks! Deanna(the blonde and an AG Missionary here in Bangkok) and I went to have a cup of Joe while we prepared our presentations for the Children’s training that we will be speaking at on Sunday. Jaimee(far left) and her Thai teacher(far right) decided to join us and have their Thai lesson there as well.   It just so happened to be the 10th anniversary of Starbucks being in Thailand!!  You know I was loving it and so needed it after having some CRAZY adventures on the street like getting a haircut in a Thai saloon, exchanging money at a very busy place that had quite a convenient hard place to write on like a Buddha altar and got shooed away from(OOPS!) then getting caught in the rain with no taxis around.  We finally found a motorcycle taxi which mine got separated from Jaimee’s because we had to go slow and I am so much bigger.  The driver was not used to my bigness and he was trying not to get me hit or splash me so needless to say I started to get a little nervous but it all worked out…Could it get any better?? Oh yes, today we went back to exchange money and I got a  pic of the Buddha altar and got shooed away again.  I don’t think I will go back there!!  Another fun thing was hosting a game night for all the AG Bangkok missionaries and a visiting team from Alabama!  More fun stuff to come!!


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