July 14, 2008

What a pleasure to teach children’s church at International Christian Assembly, Bangkok, Thailand.  I thought Ft. Lauderdale was so special because of all the nationalities there but this is absolutely amazing to see so many countries represented in one place.  Overcoming jet lag has probably the most challenging aspect of my trip so far.  I think the thing that helped so much was a GREAT foot massage on my 2nd night here and then I was ready to teach!  After observing and communicating with the teachers, I am now planning and preparing to train the Children’s Ministry teachers on classroom management,  creative teaching and qualities of an effective teacher.  This all will take place over the next few weeks.  Please pray for God to release His words and will for me to speak here in Bangkok.  I am learning a few Thai words to begin getting around and I have found a Starbucks, Thank you Jesus!!  There is also an awesome network of Assembly of God missionaries here and they are able to get together hang out once a week which really helps when you are not native!  Coming up, shopping for children’s ministry, cooking and hosting game nights and cell groups and most important of all pleasing the good Lord!!


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