Gardening in the Back YardSo I thought it would be a cool idea and time filler to have a little garden in the country with my father.  He enlisted his experience and his tractor to haul the dirt to help me out.  Tonya, my good friend from Liberty, Mississippi, is a master gardener also gave me a few good ideas to have a modern garden.  An easier garden I should say, like having a raised bed instead of tilling the hard ground and  spraying weed killer then laying down black weed cloth before pouring in fresh soil, all to keep the weeds from growing and taking over the vegetable plants.   It took about 3 hours of steady working and shoveling and this was the hardest part.    I wondered, how many weeds will come up and have to be pulled out so the plant can get all the nutrients and water needed to produce vegetables or fruit?   So far, not to many have grown in this garden and I’ve only had to put in a couple hours of work a week in it.  As I shoveled,  I thought of the garden of Eden and my heart being the garden of my life today. Hopefully God will reveal the weeds in my heart and pull them out before the roots grow to deep and we can dwell happily together as long as I do my part and keep my heart cultivated and watered too!  I pray God gives us more grace to do this as His children, church and bride…… far, I’ve gotten 2 banana peppers and the enjoyment of watching it grow!! Hope you enjoy seeing a small picture of country life! love ya!


Trying it out!

June 19, 2008

Well, I read that blogging was a 21st Century tool of communication so I am trying it out.  And of course, learning this whole new system.   Just a little update on my road riding, I am currently in between Louisiana and Mississippi helping take my mom back and forth to the doctor and working with my brother and his family in MAP 1040.  Trying to do a little admin work for him:)  Yesterday was so cool as I had an opportunity with MAP to meet an AOG pastor from Malaysia.  He was visiting America for the first time and the really neat thing about it was he had been to Bangkok and to the church,ICA, where I am going in July.  Here I will be working with my friend, Jaimee Silva from Ft. Lauderdale.  She’s the Children’s Pastor there.  Here I will be serving her in any area she needs as well as speaking at their leadership summit on early childhood discipline.  I am very excited about this as this is definitely a “New” and first time thing for me.  God has provided most of my financial support but I’m still in need of more.  Please pray for God to move on hearts and remind people who wanted to give to follow through as well as the “lost” newsletters to be recovered.  I also plan to blog more letting you know some of the fun country things I’ve been doing these past few weeks since I’ve been back home getting back to my roots!!